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Tips for Faster Service

Serving our customers is our # 1 priority. We pride ourselves on responding to each and every question, problem, or request from our customers in a timely manner. However, we need certain information in order to help you. Providing us with this information up front will save valuable time and help avoid unnecessary frustrations.

Prior to contacting us, please be sure that you have the following information. If possible, email or FAX us this information – we may have your problem solved by the time you pick up the phone to call us!

  • Do you know if the problem is reproducible?*
    Please Note: If you are unable to reproduce the problem, we may not be able to help you. However, you should record as many details as possible. If the problem occurs again, we may be able to pinpoint a pattern.
  • If you know that the problem is reproducible, please describe the steps to reproduce this problem – be as specific as possible!!
  • Please provide all pertinent reference ID’s

    • Order #
    • Item #
    • Error # & message
    • Program & Line #
    • Company Code & Program ID
    • Site URL
    • Logins & Passwords
    • etc.

  • Assemble any printed documentation that you can.
    This oftentimes reduces our research time, and will speed the resolution of your problem.
    • Screen shot of the problem
    • Screen shots of pertinent set up screens (in both EZZ and the ECP if applicable)
    • Copies of reports
    • etc.

  • Please identify the expected behavior and why.
    For example, “This total should be 152.31." is not very helpful, however: "If you add up all of the items in this column, the total is 152.31, but the total line reads 174.56.” is helpful.
  • If it is not possible to provide a screen shot, please provide the EXACT error message and/or number, or an EXACT as possible description of what is appearing on your screen.

*If you are in an error in EZZ, do NOT get out of the error to see if it is reproducible.*