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Our Support Staff gives you tips on how to make EZZ work even better for you. If you have a Tip you've discovered while using EZZ, you may join our "Submit a Tip" Club simply by E-mailing our masters of the trade.

Tip#1. You "took" a credit memo against a supplier invoice and paid the balance of the bill with a manual check. To get the result you want, make the manual check a partial payment on the supplier invoice, then apply the credit memo later in payment selection against the invoice balance (which should be the same amount as the credit memo.)

Tip#2. You've just received a refund check from a vendor. Great! But how do you process it? Your best option is to enter this into Cash Receipts Applications, with your House Account as the customer. The steps will be as follows:

    • Press F9 (misc. Menu)
    • Select G/L Cash Only
    • The <G/L Misc.>
    • Enter the G/L account number to affect i.e. miscellaneous income.
    • Enter the transactions amount (negative).
This will result in a GLM transaction type code appearing next to the cash amount.

Tip#3. Your Non-inventory item (a no cost, price only item) is not printing on the customer copies. When you set up the item, did you remember to create a component with customer item number and description? If no, it is printing that blank space.

Tip#4. Don't Touch that Dial! Sometimes when the system isn't doing just what we'd like, the urge to just switch it off or "get yourself out" can be overwhelming. Before you succumb to the temptation... Stop! You're jeopardizing your data! Take a deep breath... and try the following. If you have an error message on the screen, give us a call. Getting yourself out of it by using F5 will not fix the problem and may actually make things worse. Our technicians will be able to repair the problem and help ensure that it doesn't occur again.

Things to try for common problems:

Terminal/PC is hung:

    • Press CTRL-Q. A workstation can be "paused" by pressing CTRL-S. Quite often, we have found that an operator intending to press SHIFT-S, actually presses CTRL-S and shuts off their workstation. CTRL-Q will turn it back on.
    • Press CTRL-BREAK or CTRL-C. This will interrupt execution of any program of ours that you might be caught in.
    • Did the terminal hang just after you attempted to print something? If so, make sure that the printer is on-line, and check all of the cables & connections to the printer.
    • Check the cables to the workstation in question.
    • If all appears well, give us a call, and we'll track down the problem!

Tip#5. Error Zero 0 Everyone encounters this little inconvenience from time to time. If it happens to you, don't panic. Relax! An Error 0 simply means that some information or a device that you are trying to use is already in use. Before you grab the phone to call Tech Support, check the following:

  • Have you hot-keyed into something that you had already started earlier?
  • Is anyone else in the same exact area of the software?
  • If you're printing, is the printer out of paper or otherwise off-line?

The EZZ software can do many different and complex tasks simultaneously. In order to accomplish and not jeopardize your data integrity, we "lock" records when they are being edited. For example, if you try to maintain an order that someone else is working on, you get the Error 0.

If you've encountered an Error 0, simply go to another terminal and type in a "T" at any menu, and press ENTER. This will display a list of all your active users, and where in the software they are. Odds are, you'll find your culprit right there. Oftentimes, it's someone who is at lunch, or who has gone home for the day, and forgotten to log off of our software. Get them out of the software, then go back to your own workstation with the Error 0. Select the "Continue" option from the menu that popped up, and you should be back in operation. If you have a "Ready" prompt, type in "RUN" and press ENTER. This should pick up your processing where you had left off.

Tip#6. Deleting a Customer You may have some customers in your system which need to be removed because they have closed, moved, or no longer use your products. In order to delete a customer...

  • Set up an additional customer named "DELETE", if you don't already have one.
  • Go to the Customer Master File (CFM) Menu
  • Choose "Combine Existing Customers"
  • Combine the Customer that you want to delete with the Customer named "DELETE"

This will cleanly move all of the data related to your inactive account over to "DELETE".