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Our Tech Support Contract is designed to provide our clients with a simple insurance plan to smooth out the costs associated with running a Business Management system. Our fee structure covers only the EZZ Business Management Software and is based on the number of concurrent users licensed to operate our software.

Maintaining a Support Contract entitles you to the following...

  • Unlimited email-based Procedural Support concerning the operation of the software.  This includes any question related to the operation and use of the EZZ Business Management Software.

  • Unlimited email-based Technical Support concerning system problems, errors, or other problems that you have experienced during the operation of our software.

  • Enhancement/Product Updates as they become available.

  • Remote access support, in which we log-into your system from our offices to work or transfer updated software, etc. This option requires either SSH access, a modem or internet connectivity, or VNC software depending on your platform.

  • Access to our On-Line EZZ Product manual for the latest product documentation.  From the Customer Tools drop-down menu, select Online Manual.

The Support Contract does NOT include...

  • Training over the Phone.  Training is available either at our offices or on-site at your company's location.  On-site training is billable at $800/day plus our travel and expenses*.  You are responsible for making all reservations for hotels, airlines, and if necessary, rental cars.  Training at our office is a nominal $100* fee for a normal training class.  Training classes are held once a quarter.  Please contact Scott Mason at 234-542-4400 for scheduling.

  • Auditing of your books.  In some states, the law does not provide over the phone or personal auditing or accounting advice without in-state certification.  We can assist you by pointing you in the right direction, but we cannot be your external auditor.

  • Repair of data due to operator error or hardware failure.

  • Consulting services. We are available to assist you in the purchase of additional pieces of hardware, and we can assist you and/or your outside consultant in the setup of your network.  Pricing for hardware is handled by the Sales Department.  Network assistance is billable at $150.00/Hour*.  Any conversation with outside consultants for any reason is billable and by appointment.

  • Support and service of the CohesIS E-Commerce Publishing System. This includes procedural support of E-Commerce areas in EZZ, ECP parameter set-up, HTML and graphic design, updates, troubleshooting/correcting operator errors, training, and consulting services. These services are billable at $90/hour.

  • Support on third-party products. Third-party products are products where Quikey Computer Systems did NOT write the code.  We can and do sell third-party software, such as VSI-fax, terminal emulators, StarShip, etc.  Technical support for these products remains with the manufacturer, as we do not have code access.  This support is billable, but the cost varies by manufacturer.

  • Hardware maintenance functions. This would include installation of modems, hard-drives, printer configurations, etc.  Warranties on hardware items remain with the manufacturer.  This is billable at $150/Hour*.

  • Disaster Recovery services.  This includes, but is not limited to, any act of theft, vandalism, or God.  The most common is lightning strikes and power outages during thunderstorms.  This is billable at $150/Hour*