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09/19/11 – V11.9 Release Notes:
  New Modifications to CohesIs2000 Ecommerce-Web Sites.
This latest version of the CohesIS2000 Enterprise Commerce Suite includes a multitude of new features and improved functionality.
  • Maximum Line Items on an Order Attachment increased to 2500.  .
  • Improved Field Checking in Item Import Utility (IMPPRC)  
  • Fax/Email Invoice Duplicate updates Invoice Notepad.  
  • Customer Sales History no longer limited to last three years.  
  • Salesman History no longer limited to last three years.  
  • New Multiple Inventory Locations and Stock Replenishment Subsystem.  
  • Office Copy Emailing defaults to Operator Email Address.  
  • Clarified Prompts for Starting and Ending Dates in reports.  
  • Improved handling of line noise while processing Credit Cards.  
  • Improved Task Lock handling in Cash Receipts.  
  • Cash Receipts displays Message when invalid Misc. Menu option chosen.  
  • Order Entry displays Message when illegal Item is entered.  
  • Sending Invoices and Shipping Notifications through Ariba.  
  • Employee List Upload - Added Fields and Allow +/- in User1.  
03/18/11 – V10.4f Release Notes:
  New Modifications to CohesIs2000 Ecommerce-Web Sites
  • IP Whitelisting, including wildcard support.
  • “Auto-cleaning” of LiveCatalogs directory after publishing removes out-of-date SKUDetails and SKUGrpList pages.
  • Tip support code has been relocated to just before the tag to reduce interference with the tag for clients who may have complex and programmatically-built tags. DATMGR now logs critical errors.
  • TCatalog.SendEMail() has been enhanced to support passing of multiple comma-delimited recipient addresses in the “To Email Address” field.
  • A new mode on mkpg.asp permits immediate catalog restarting without the need to into the ECP and republish the site. The url is: mkpg.asp?FNName=restart
  • A new mode on mkpg.asp permits searching/display of Event Log entries from directly within the catalog, eliminating the need to VNC into the webserver in question and manually review the logs.
  • For convenience, PgTpl.asp has been moved to the top of the Catalog Pages dropdown in the header of the ECP.
  • For improved performance during Data Cache refreshes, the block size for data transfers has been increased from 25 records to 50 records.
  • Within the “Search Catalogs” page in the ECP, support has been added for a significant number of batch operations across multiple pages and/or catalogs. These operations include mass site publishing as well as mass page changes, Quik-Publishing of selected pages across catalogs, etc. The primary objective for these new functions is to permit us to quickly locate/define the domain of specific problems system-wide, and speed subsequent patch deployment. (Particularly after major releases.)
  • An automated testing framework has been implemented within EDGE_WEB along with the first 13 tests. A hidden ECP page triggers EDGE_WEB to run the tests and display the results. To view these, log into the catalog in question, and go to Admin_DetPg.asp?Pg=Test. (Please note that the parameter “Test” is case-sensitive.) It is suggested that common problem scenarios be brought forth so that we can develop test cases for them that are built directly into EDGE_WEB.
02/08/11 – Remote Backup
  • 7-day operation backs up your data even over the weekend. This is particularly important if you are using the CohesIS E-Commerce systems, which book orders from your websites directly into your Ezz Business Mgmt Software.

  • Remote. Data is stored off-site, protecting you from loss of data due to burglary, fire, flood and other natural disasters.

  • Automatic. Requires no manual swapping of backup tapes or testing of media.

  • Efficient. Only changed portions of files are compressed and transmitted.

  • Secure. Data is transmitted securely using SSH encryption.

  • Bandwidth friendly. Transfer speed can be limited to support slow connections.

  • Configurable. Due to the high efficiency of the process, backup snapshots may optionally be taken more frequently than once per day, limiting your loss of data and business risk.