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Customer Inquiry All of the information on a customer you one place! Easy to find and maintain your customers vital information, as well as your notes!
Vendor Inquiry: All of the information on a vendor you one place! Easy to find and maintain your suppliers vital information, as well as your notes!
Order Entry: The most comprehensive, easy to use order entry available! Produce these copies from one screen and one entry, office, salesmen, purchase order, acknowledgement, packing slip and invoice. All this on plain paper forms.
Billing & Vouching: One screen gives you access to edit the order and view side by side billing and vouching!
Correspondence Inquiry: Locate, edit, fax and print any document in the memo writer. Look them up by customer name, vendor name, salesman, who wrote it, even by an alpha code of your creation!
Commissions: Commissions are automatically calculated by percentage of gross profit, gross sales and commission tables.
Accounts Receivable: Accounts Receivable is fully integrated into order entry, billing / vouching and our own general ledger. Along with sales tax tracking.
Accounts Payable: Accounts payable is a fully integrated part of the system. Easy payment selection, aging and cash disbursement reports give you control over your cash flow. Plus laser check writing.
Inventory Mgmt. & Program Sales: The EZZ program sales and inventory system is fully integrated (though purchased separately) within the business management software. This allows our users to have an accurate and smooth transfer of critical data. The EZZ program sales and inventory system is hailed by it's customers as "The best and most accurate in the industry".
General Ledger The EZZ G/L contains account maintenance, account inquiry, general journal entry, general journal, chart of accounts, trial balance, standard financial statements, general ledger detail report. Fully integrated. No need to close the prior month to continue to do business.
Order History: With EZZ, it's easy to locate closed orders. View details of the order, invoicing, billing, payment, correspondence, and more with a single keystroke!
Sales Analysis Enables you to keep track of incurred business from table top shows, 800 number fax lines, fliers and much more.
Rebate Tracking Track vendor rebates and run reports.
Sales Rep. Inquiry This inquiry displays current and last 2 years commission history, number of orders, sales in dollars, GPM and much more. Setup commissions based on Sales, GP or Tables.
Re-Order Reminders Automatically track and send Re-order reminders on plain paper forms to clients that have not placed an order in the allotted time frame.
Business Status Report: Just a keystroke gives you a detailed picture of your accounts. A/R, A/P, commissions, booked order summary by period and projected billing.
Hot key Transport from any where within the system to take care of important business and get back to your original task quickly.
Message Center Save time and effort with the internal message center. Ability to drill down from the center into customer, vendor and prospect accounts to view material and orders before placing the call.