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EZZ Business Management Software

 Increase Sales

  • Contact management system.
  • Schedule call-back dates.
  • Automated correspondence.
  • Take better notes.
  • Prospect more effectively.
  • Quote tracking.
  • Integrated FAXing.
  • FAX announcements/letters in groups.
  • Sales analysis for more effective marketing.
  • Increase reorders with reorder reminders.
  • Manage mailings to customers and prospects.
  • Print labels, envelopes, sales letters etc...
  • WordPerfect import feature.
  • Gain an advantage when pursuing new business by having custom reports, and billing information on diskette or EDI.


  • The industry's most functional and powerful inventory management system.
  • Real-time management means inventory levels are instantly updated eliminating the possibility of over committing inventory.
  • Comprehensive performance and profitability analysis.

 Improve Customer Service

  • Computerized customer service system provides around the clock customer service via your touch tone phone.
  • Powerful inquires places all customer information within a few keystrokes at any point in time.
  • "Hot-key" allows immediate access to any area of the system while remembering your current place.
  • Notepads help you "remember" your customers conversations.
  • Be more responsive.
  • Provide immediate order status.
  • Render quotes in less time.
  • Order and track samples.
  • Order tickler entry with auto follow-up.
  • To manage customer-owned inventory more effectively.