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QCS has been serving the Promotional Products Industry for over 20 years.  With EZZ, our premier Business Management and Account Software package and CohesIS, our fully integrated and real-time E-Commerce Solution, and unbelievable support that includes not only technical and procedural support of our products but also software and hardware sales and configurations, custom code, 3rd party software integrations, graphic and website design, consulting and more, we provide our customers with a true turn-key business solution!

Quikey Manufacturing is well known in the Promotional Products Industry for over 50 years of quality. In the mid '80's, faced with the need to maintain quality and service at a reasonable cost, Quikey investigated the software products on the market and concluded that they were slow, and not well-suited to the needs of PPI companies. They started development of their own software system, built from a Business-oriented standpoint, rather than from a strictly accounting standpoint.

Quikey took their system to the Trade shows, and Distributors & Suppliers alike were greatly impressed by the clean user interface, and the instant access to information that other software providers weren't even close to matching. It was clear that an opportunity existed.

After many requests, in '89 the Quikey Manufacturing Software team, headed by Michael Stiller, started development of a software package for PPI Distributors and Suppliers. Quikey Computer Systems was born.

Working on-site with a prominent distributor, QCS developed a Business Management System that fit the PPI. Intuitive user-friendly screens, easy tracking of multi-vendor orders, comprehensive Customer Service tools, and Side-by-side Vouching & Billing became hallmarks of the package, with innovations such as plain paper forms, integrated Faxing, and "Pop-Up" notepads bringing productivity gains that our competition has yet to catch up on.

With our parent, Quikey Mfg behind us, we were able to take the extra time to design things right, and ensure that our clients received the most value for their money. The result is an incredibly strong and well integrated Business Management System that was remarkably simple to use.