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Focused Approach

We remain committed to the Promotional Products Industry by devoting 100% of our resources to staying current with the Industry and developing software designed to address the unique dynamics of this business. Consequently, our staff possesses in-depth knowledge of one industry rather than surface knowledge about a half-dozen. Ask our competitors if they have the same commitment to the PPI, or if they cater to other industries, such as the Business Forms Industry. You may be surprised at the answer!

Design Philosophy - "Business-Driven Accounting..."

Our products work better because they are designed by Operations & Management experts who understand how PPI businesses function. We design our products to address the needs of your business, and keep the details of the accounting out of the way. Our clients don't have to try to fit their businesses to the rules of our product...our product flexes to accommodate them. We call it "Business-Driven Accounting, not Accounting-Driven Business".

Comprehensive Training

We provide extensive training either at our facilities in Akron, or on-site in your offices. With formal exercises and a well-structured curriculum, you and your staff are fully prepared to take immediate advantage of this powerful software, with only a minimum of time invested. At your request, sessions may be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Training for new employees and inexpensive refresher courses are also available to ensure that you stay current on new enhancements and achieve maximum benefit from your software investment.

Responsive Tech Support & Service

Providing a great product is one thing. Keeping it up and running in today's competitive business environments is another. Quikey Software Solutions recognizes the necessity responsive Tech Support, and maintains this industry's highest ratio of support staff members to client sites. Couple this to the fact that our staff isn't supporting multiple industries or products, and it's easy to understand why our clients enjoy the most responsive technical support available. Just ask anyone who previously used one of our competitor's software packages!