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Custom Programming

Our system has the ability to customize code for your explicit requirements. In order to fulfill your needs, we have experienced programmers on-staff with in-depth knowledge of our products. We are ready and willing to help you meet any and all of your business goals.

Fax Letterhead Logo Setup

By using VSI-FAX you will have the ability to have your company logo integrated into the faxing software, thereby allowing them to send customized letterhead every time you fax.

Consulting Services

It is always our goal to provide our clients with excellent service and quick answers to their questions. Sometimes that means going beyond the scope of our support contract. In order to provide solutions to complex business challenges we offer our consulting services at an hourly charge, so that customers can take advantage of our expertise and knowledge. There is a minimum 1 hour charge for this service with additional charges at quarter hour increments.

Private Procedural Training

There is a daily charge for an intensive one-on-one private training session here in our Akron office. This training will be tailored around your company's specific needs, operational processes and practices. There are discounted rates for general training of 2 or more employees.

Onsite Procedural Training Services

QCS offers customized procedural training at your company's location. We have a standard curriculum for those unfamiliar with our system, or may tailor a curriculum specifically for your needs, giving you the most value for your time and money. We recommend this option when you have multiple personnel to be trained on specific areas of the product, or when you feel that an on-site presence would aid us in providing more effective training or service. Below is an example of the standard training curriculum.

Technical Onsite Fee

QCS will send a technician out to your facility to assist in the installation, configuration or other technical work needed that can not be done remotely from our office. This work is billed on a per day basis and does not include travel and expense charges.

Quarterly Support Contract

QCS is commited to providing our customers with excellent, reliable swift customer service. Clients who maintain a Quarterly Support Contract with us are eligible to receive support during normal office hours at no additional charge. This contract is designed to help with the general technical and procedural assistance with the normal daily operation of the EZZ software.

E-Commerce/HTML Training

To help our E-Commerce clients meets their customers' needs, we offer E-Commerce and HTML training on an hourly or daily basis. This training is targeted to those who will design and develop their own catalogs, as well as those who use our HTML design services. For $90/hour you can set-up training via telephone or for $500/day you can come to our Akron facility and have a one-on-one 8 hour day of training. This economical training is very beneficial for those people who don't have a lot of HTML experience as well as those new to our E-Commerce systems.

Procedural Training Classes - Akron Based

Our QCS Team offers quarterly Procedural Training classes at our Akron, Ohio facility. The curriculum of the classes cover the basic operation of the major areas of the system, making it ideal for new employees or those wishing to gain a more in-depth introduction to areas of the software they may need some brushing up on. There is a nominal fee of $100.00 per person for this class, and all are welcome and encouraged to attend.

E-Commerce Services

The QCS E-Commerce Department works hard to provide our clients with conventional and established e-commerce solutions while staying abreast of cutting edge trends and advancements. We offer the services of our knowledgable and proficient staff to help design, develop and enhance your E-Commerce solutions at an hourly consultation rate.