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BackupEdge Software

File-by-file data protection for UNIX and Linux systems. This softwareprovides all the "normal" day-to-day maintenance you'd expect from a backup package, plus powerful features like automatic installation and Fast File Restore.

Terminal Emulator

PowerTerm is a software that emulates a particular type of terminal for running non-window based programs. This software or another kind of terminal emulation software is needed in order to run EZZ on your window based systems.

Red Hat Linux Professional

Red Hat Linux Professional combines the latest Linux technology from the Open Source community in one easy to use operating system. No other operating system offers so much control in an easy to use package. On system upgrades Red Hat Linux is the only OS that QCS approves.


VSI-FAX allows you to fax various documents such as Purchase Orders, Memos, Customer Acknowledgements, etc.. directly out of the EZZ system.