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Companion Products

Companion Products

We have a wide array of companion products that work hand-in-hand with our core product, EZZ Business Management Software.

Ariba Integration

Our ARIBA integration permits your CohesIS2000 E-Commerce Catalog to work hand-in-hand with your customer's ARIBA-based Spend Management Software in real-time. Your catalog will be "Punchout-compliant", offering seamless shopping, requisition creation, approval routing, and order processing via the ARIBA Commerce Services Network. A "must-have" product, if your client uses ARIBA.

Employee Awards/Recognition Program Management System

The Awards/Recognition system provides everything required to track and manage the point or time based Employee Award programs, (ie, safety programs, length of service & employee recognition awards)for your client, and your business.

Bar Code Tracking

Bar Code readers take the place of keystrokes for entering Order Numbers and updating the WIP code status. This eliminates operator errors and sends a date to the system that can be viewed in any order.

Budgeting Module

The Budgeting Module allows your customers to control their spending by saving and tracking their purchase amounts, as well as the amount they have left in their budget to spend. This process will allow them to anticipate their costs and more efficiently plan for their expenditures.

Credit Card Processing

Process credit cards in seconds without leaving your workstation! Eliminate needless re-keying, reduce your Credit Card risk and make your CSR's more productive! Supports real-time processing or "batch-mode" operation. Includes Credit Card Inquiry to help you locate charges during disputes.

Additional Company Setup

Our technical department can setup alternate company codes for your system. This allows a more diverse and customizable business platform.You can run multiple businesses simulataneously with completely separate financials, customers, and salesman.

Gift Certificate and Coupon Programs

Gift certificates are part of the largest and fastest growing segment in the corporate gift/incentive marketplace, and with this enhancement to CohesIS2000, generation and redemption of gift certificates couldn't be easier! with a little effort you can generate your gift certificates, based by program. You can handle this directley from Inventory/Program set up.

International Shipping (NAFTA) Documentation

This enhancement to the CohesIS2000 Business Management Software virtually eliminates the high cost of preparing the paperwork for international shipping by automating the preparation process for the following documents.

ACSC - Automatic Customer Service Center

This system works like the account line at your bank by, integrating touch-tone phone technology to your computer system. It is designed to provide basic Customer Service & Order-Taking functionality, and may be customized to fit your specific requirements.

Department Routing/Schedule (DRS) System

The Department Routing/Schedule (DRS) System is an enhancement to the EZZ Business Management Software that provides a way to schedule jobs,establish production, route and track ability through your production cycle.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Automate your order entry and invoicing with the CohesIS2000 EDI module! This system links your CohesIS2000 Business Management software to your EDI-enabled customers and suppliers, to reduce data-entry.

Ketera Integration

Our Ketera Integration permits your CohesIS000 E-Commerce catalog to work hand-in-hand with your customer's Ketera-based Spend Management Software in real-time. Your catalog will be "Punchout-compliant", offering seamless shopping requisition creation, approval routing, and order processing via the Ketera Network. A "must-have" product if your client uses Ketera.

MAS90 Integration

Our MAS90 Integration provides an easy and seamless transfer of data, between your EZZ System and the General Ledger, that you can maintain seperately in the MAS90 Accounting Software.

Inventory and Program Sales System

The CohesIS2000 Inventory and Program Sales System is fully integratedwithin the CohesIS2000 Business Management software. This allows our users to have an accurate and smooth transer of critical data. This program is hailed by its customers as   " The best and most accurate in the industry!".

SAP Integration

For your customers running SAP's ERP software, our SAP Integration makes your CohesIS2000 E-Commerce Catalog "Punchout-Compliant" via SAP's OCI 4.0 spec. If your client is running SAP, your catalog will communicate with their internal systems in real-time to facilitate shopping and requisition creation.

Shipping Station/Manifest Module (Star Ship)

The Shipping Station/Manifest Module is a real-time interface between your shipping system and the CohesIS2000 Business Managment Software. Once an order is processed, a single keystroke forwards information such as customer name, ship to address, carrier, declared value, etc. to the shipping and manifest location. Once shipment has been completed, another keystroke exports relevant data back to EZZ. Freight charges are posted automatically to the invoice and an order status flag signals that an order has been shipped. Information such is "Package ID", "Tracking #" and "Total Weight" is recorded.

UPS WorldShip Integration

If you ship your products using UPS's WorldShip Shipping software, then you are going to love this option. Tie your business management system directly to your shipping software for seamless real-time data exchange. Export actual shipping addresses, and declared values to UPS WorldShip, and automatically import calculated freight, tracking numbers, etc...