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01/01/10 – Sage Integration
  Quick Overview on how Sage Integration works–

a. The SAGE integration uses SAGE’s XMLDataStream product to issue queries to their database across the web.
b. It is “plugged-into” each of your existing (and future) catalogs already. In the ECP, under System Integration , Supplier/Products , SAGE
c. In each catalog, you now have a page named ExtProductSearch.asp, which provides a user interface for querying. (Product Category, price range, etc.)
d. The shopper submits the query, and we go their server, pull the XML result set, and send it to the shopper’s browser. We also pull images, etc.
e. The shopper can “drill-down” in SKUDetailsPages. The system actually uses your current SKUDetailsPage layout to build a page for the SAGE item on-the-fly while still respecting all of the normal rules.
f. From there on, the shopper just shops normally.
g. SAGE Items are considered “Drop-ship” items, and will be booked to a drop-ship order internally.
h. SAGE items can be freely mixed/matched in the shopping cart with co-op or fulfillment items…the system will break it down when the order is booked.
i. All presentation-layer elements (layouts, etc.) may be freely customized to match your requirements.
Basic steps to get up & rolling are: a. Sign up with SAGE for their XMLDataStream product. (Or get a test account to play around with.)
b. Set up your SAGE account info in the ECP in one of your catalogs.
c. Add a link somewhere in your PgTpl.asp nav scheme to give your shoppers access to the SAGE page, which is ExtProductSearch.asp.
d. and of course always test it to confirm that it is working properly.

  The v10.1 update to the Ezz Business Management Software is almost available for all supported platforms.
v10.1 Release notes...

Below are some highlights:
  • EDGE_WEB has had several routines mildly touched to compensate for an intermittent memory management problem in the sub-allocator used by our programming language.
    (These mods have been deployed on our production servers for several months, so I don’t anticipate any fallout here.)
  • EDGE_WEB has had some system-wide improvements in the data-access layer resulting in ~20% better performance. (Also deployed on our production servers for several months at this point.)
  • EDGE_WEB has been modified to support on-the-fly creation of drop-ship items from external sources. Ezz has been modified to accept drop-ship items and structure the resulting orders appropriately.
  • EDGE_WEB has been modified to integrate into the SAGE item database via internet to provide search capabilities & shopping cart support.
    Items may be queried, displayed directly in any properly-configured CohesIS catalog, and purchased using our standard Shopping Cart.
    Externally-sourced items may be freely mixed-and-matched with Fulfillment & CoOp items in the Shopping Cart.
    The ECP has been modified to provide a page for entering your SAGE account information to enable the integration on a given catalog.
  • The E-Commerce Publisher (ECP) has support added for wildcard-enable searching within catalog pages,
    with an option to display the lines containing the search pattern in a single results page with drill-down (Very useful for HTML developers.)
  • The ECP has functionality added to automatically scale & save the various versions of an Item’s images from a single hi-rez file uploaded to the ECP.
    Ie. Instead of manually resizing & renaming item images, you can upload the “Zoomed” version, click a checkbox and the system will create the “Detailed” and “Thumbnail” versions.
    (Time-saver when creating new catalogs.)
  • Extended CSS support has been added to the ECP. Additional CSS classes may be defined without having to customize individual web pages.
  • Support has been added within EDGE_WEB for internationalization of catalogs via ISO639 codes at the user-level. Initially, this integration supports only Western languages & layouts.
    Although EDGE_WEB has internationalization support included, the STD Template Library (STL) conversion replacing hard-coded English strings with calls to the multi-language engine will not be included as part of v10.1 due to time constraints.
  • Ezz has been completely converted to QCS-controlled system mgmt software, eliminating Computer Dynamics (CDI) as a vendor.
    This move is a precursor to our migration to Windows-based software, which will begin this year. As a result, some areas (such as the printer selection routine)
    may appear a bit different while still providing functional equivalence.
  • The system has been modified to automatically email QCS when errors occur on your system.
    This permits us to locate problems that your users may not be reporting, and provide more responsive, proactive service.
  • A “Menu Search” feature is now available throughout the system that permits your users to search system-wide for menu options.
    (Ex. You could search for “WIP” to pull up all WIP-related menu options.) Matches are displayed in a window and may be selected to take the user directly to a given menu option.
  • Support for a biometric Time-Clock has been added, and the Employee Sub-system on the “EFM” menu has been extended to support Time-clock integration and time tracking by Employee.
    A Payroll report & Update process have also been added.