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12/18/09 – Ezz Broad-based release

v10.1 Released...

The v10.1 update to the Ezz Business Management Software is almost available for all supported platforms.
A few features included are:

•Support for automated transmission of monthly Summary Billing to your clients
•Enhanced emailing functions, including A/R Statements.
•Improved security for all E-Commerce functions.
•Support for Automatic software release installations across the internet.
A complete list of new features for v10.1 is available in the Online Manual.

Please call us at 234-542-4400 or email Support to arrange for v10.1 installation at your convenience.

11/13/09 – Production Webservers upgraded

As part of our ongoing business plan, we have recently completed significant scheduled upgrades to the IBM servers that host these sites. IBM describes the new servers as offering “unprecedented performance and reliability for demanding distributed environments that rely on 24x7 availability of mission-critical applications”. To augment reliability, QCS configures each server with redundancies throughout, including RAID-5 technology for hard-drive access, multiple power supplies, CPUs, etc. All production webservers are monitored 24x7 by a separate system which notifies an administrator of any failures or interruption in service. The servers being rotated out of production service are kept on-site & fully-configured in an operating state to function as stand-by servers, if required.

08/26/09 – v8.10 Release Notes now available

Release notes for the new CohesIS Enterprise Commerce Suite v8.10 are available in the QCS Online Manual. Find out more!

05/06/09 – The CohesIS Enterprise Commerce Suite v8.10 update is here!

This much-anticipated update consists of a myriad of new features, performance improvements, and streamlined processes. Here are just a few of them:

  • Ezz E-Mailing. E-Mail documents directly from Ezz!
    Supported documents include:
    • Invoices
    • Customer Order Acknowledgements
    • Vendor Purchase Orders
    • A/R Statements and Collection Letters
    • Memos
    • All Order form parts!

    Every e-mail sent from Ezz is template-based, including your E-Commerce catalog's automatic e-mails. This means that you have almost limitless options in customizing your e-mails. Our templates support both HTML- and text-based e-mails. Bring your customer contact to a new level of professionalism with e-mails that match your corporate identity!

  • Longer 60-character Email Address...up from 35
  • Longer 35-character Logins....up from 10
  • Longer 35-character passwords...up from 25
  • Longer 32-character Employee IDs & Supervisor IDs....up from 26

  • Hotkey access to context-sensitive help. You can now access the Online Manual from almost any area in Ezz. If you can access your Hotkey menu, you can access the Online Manual in just a couple of keystrokes. Not only that, but we automatically log you in and take you directly to your chosen topic!
  • Enhanced procurement system compatibility adds iProcure to Ariba, SAP & Ketera
  • 9 new skin designs!! Click here to view.

  • Ezz makes G/L Auditing easy! The G/L Detail Report now has a batch filter, allowing you to report on a single batch. And with the G/L Transaction Detail Audit, you can now drill into the individual transactions that make up the G/L Detail!
  • Expanded tracking and event logging. Event logging and tracking is paramount to maintaining a successful, efficient business. It's key in fraud prevention and data security, can speed your response times to customer inquiries, and gives you the tools to manage and improve internal processes.
  • We've given Catalog Administrators even more tools for Catalog/Website development:
    • A new Project Overview section in the E-Commerce Publisher. Keep track of site customizations, custom code, and program requirements in one easy-to-access area.
    • We've added the ability to create catalogs "on-the-fly" directly from the ECP.
    • Re-engineered support for ZIP archive uploads
    • And much more!
For more information about our latest update, please see the CohesIS2000 v8.10 Release Notes.