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10/10/07 –The new and improved ECP is HERE!

In October 2007 we released v7.10 of the E-Commerce Publisher. This version enhanced and added even more functionality to the ECP, including:

  • Greater Control over catalog and site appearance.
  • Even more added security features./li>
  • More robust data processing engine
  • Warning tools
  • Enhanced security and fraud prevention tools
  • Enhanced publishing process
  • Enhance corporate intranet integration
  • Enhanced auditing
  • Streamlined site development

03/31/07 –SAP Integration has been added to the CohesIS2000 E-Commerce Catalog.

For your customer's running SAP's ERP Software, Our SAP integration makes your CohesIS2000 E-Commerce catalog "Punchout-Compliant" via SAP's OCI 4.0 spec. If your client is running SAP, your catalog will communicate with their internal system in real-time to facilitate shopping and requisition creation.

04/04/07 – We have added the Ketera Network to our CohesIS E-Commerce Catalog.

Our Ketera Integration permits your CohesIS2000 Catalog to work hand-in-hand with your customer's Ketera-based Spend Management Software in real-time. Your catalog will be "Punchout Compliant", offering seamless shopping requisition creation, approval routing, and order processing via the Ketera Network. A "must have" product if your client uses Ketera.