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Vendor Inquiry

All Vendor-related information designed into one screen, providing quick access to open and closed (history) issues. This information is automatically updated to give you an accurate picture of each account.




  • Vendor look-up in any required field, may be accomplished by the unique user definable code assigned.
  • Four user definable vendor group codes consisting of 3 fields, each may be used for reports and batch mailings.
  • Displays vendor's name, two-line address, A/P address, line name, contact name, terms code, forced days to pay, product type code and start date.
  • Inquiry screen displays 5 previous years of purchases including number of purchases, last payment date and last check issued.
  • Checks display vendor name and address along with invoice number and amount.
  • Track 1099 information for year end closing.
  • Ability to put vendor accounts on hold as well as individual invoices.
  • Set up vendor payment terms for vouching.
  • Enter rebate information with program name and description. Use a cut-off date, last year qualify date, funds available and number of catalogs used.
  • View current order, A/P and invoices. In addition you may view the history of orders, A/P, invoices and checks all from one central screen.
  • All activity hits the account real time! Retrieve vendor information instantly.
  • During vendor vouching, the default G/L account may be overridden to select another, from the on-line chart of accounts.
  • Separate A/P address for billing.

Additional features

  • Vendor look-up by zip, phone, ASI# or Impact #.
  • Allows for Vendor Payee address.
  • Tag vendor for check to be sent to the parent company.
  • Use vendor pop- up automatic note pad to record information that needs to be viewed instantly before a purchase is made.
  • Purge inactive vendors easily.
  • Purchase order is constructed from the order entry information, and retains the same number as the acknowledgement and other related vendor purchase orders (multi-vendor orders) including any back orders.
  • Interface with Impact Data.
  • List A/P contact for quick reference during conversations along with unlimited number of other vendor contact names, and phone numbers.
  • Track and manage vendor rebate programs. EZZ tracks the program description, imprinted samples, cut-off date, funds available and the number of catalogs used.


  • Print vendor master listing.
  • Vendor rebate able purchases audit by purchase volume.
  • YTD vendor purchases from vendor by volume.
  • Vendor payment history analysis by vendor and date range.
  • A/P aging report - recreation.