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Sales Representative Inquiry

The salesman inquiry includes all applicable information from the salesman master file.


  • An instant view of current sales, number of orders, gross profit average, gross profit dollars, commission balance and year-to-date payments.
  • Open orders and invoices can also be acquired.
  • Display history on invoices and orders.
  • Commission option displays earned commission transactions, payments, adjustments and a commission balance.

Additional Features

  • Commission codes - Minimum GP $ Amount for Company to retain
  • Salesman's Inquiry - In Process commissions
  • Salesman's Inquiry - Commission comparison - six month summary
  • Salesman Security
  • Order Activity Report - Now includes credit memos
  • Booked order by Salesman & date - Specified GPM % range


  • Salesman Master file listing
  • Customer list by Salesman
  • Open order report by Salesman
  • Booked orders by salesman/date
  • Invoiced sales report by salesman/date
  • Salesman commission comparison report
  • Order activity report
  • Salesman order summary by customer/city
  • Account protection report
  • Salesman report by vendor
  • Salesman list by volume