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Order Entry

This is the heart of a business, complete integration to other segments of the system guarantee that an accurate picture of your business is presented. Create a single or multi vendor order from this one screen and maintain a single order number for your office copy, purchase order, salesmen copy, packing slip and invoice all printed on plain paper. No need to jump around the software to enter orders.




  • Upon entering a customer number a credit check is completed and displayed.
  • A soft or hard credit hold may be put on this order if the credit limit is exceeded or A/R is not current. This hold shows on the order in the WIP code field.
  • For frequently ordered items not used in inventory use the @item master list. This item type will place the cost, price commission and royalties.
  • Tracks the salespersons commission based on the code set up for the customer.
  • Each customer's order information is sent to the corresponding database for real-time data retrieval.
  • The EZZ order entry screen will allow entry of, single vendor orders ,and 27 multi-vendor orders. When changing a single vendor order to a multi-vendor order, simply access the order in maintenance and select the attachment feature. The EZZ system will assign an Alpha letter to the original order number for each attachment. Subsequently, all original and back orders may be traced to the same job number.
  • EZZ offers the standard industry cost code table for order entry. Enter the catalog price with (A,B etc.) and the system will extend and calculate the cost based on the associated cost code percentage.
  • When faxing purchase orders and acknowledgements from the system, the date and confirmation of faxing is placed in the order note pad automatically for quick referral.
  • Order copies may be created on plain paper forms allowing you to save on printing costs. A request for a reprint prompts a "is this a revision" response.
  • Quick retrieval of orders for modification and instant updating in several secure menus.
  • No need to purge the system or lose history. All orders along with the order note pads are sent to history, creating a reliable archive for easy retrieval.
  • With unlimited complete history retention, order copying is simple and all pertinent information is transferred to the new order with a completely new number assigned.
  • Open order and order history reports by user selection of options are available.
  • Each order has a capacity for up to 99 line items or comments.
  • Imprint instructions allow up to 10 lines and 78 characters. Also function keys allow you to pull customer information down into the imprint area cutting down on operator error.
  • Unlimited template libraries in 8 areas of order entry make the instructions uncomplicated.
  • Order entry separates vendor and customer information automatically and only the respective information of reach is printed.
  • While tracking order costs that must be charged against the commissions simply exclude them from the customer acknowledgement by simply editing that line.
  • Unlimited order label printing.
  • Items from inventory or program sales have a unique item number based on the program they fall in. This allows for accurate reporting by item type, program, customer and salesperson. Unlimited history for comparison reporting.
  • Use column pricing during order entry.
  • Use the interoffice e-mail to track orders and document conversations with vendors and customers regarding orders.
  • Order entry reduces on-hand quantities in inventory real-time.

Additional features

  • Fax acknowledgement from order entry.
  • Order Printing by number range.
  • Automatic options force a user definable set of option windows to pop-up saving time and errors. Giving you a great training tool.
  • Edit the customers line item number and description.
  • No cramped item descriptions with 99 lines in order entry.
  • Eight lines and 60 characters in the imprint instruction area, with template capabilities, make your imprint instructions clear.
  • Factory instructions can be unique or pulled from the template file created by you to keep them uniform and professional.


  • Open order report by customer with a start and ending date.
  • Open order report by vendor and display order note pad.
  • Open order report by ship date requests, if you would like to print the P.O.'s.
  • Daily order activity audit report by salesman.
  • Open order orders partially vouched/invoiced.