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Inventory and Program Sales

 The EZZ program sales and inventory system is fully integrated within the business management software. This allows our users to have an accurate and smooth transfer of critical data. Whether you are a distributor or supplier, our inventory system will handle your needs.



  • Have accurate item usage, track open orders and display item distribution.
  • Receive goods and update inventory automatically.
  • Allocate quantities during order entry. Pop up windows allows you to see what's on hand, allocated and on order.
  • Inventory is relieved during order entry. At invoicing (after shipment is made) the transaction hits the general ledger.
  • Set up programs for customers with repetitive inventory sales such as catalog sales. This type will give you reporting important to you and your customer.
  • Fax purchase orders and acknowledgements from the system.
  • Include set up and imprint charges as part of your program for easy cost capture.
  • Setting up "kits" not only saves time but is also cost effective.
  • Customer owned, Blank goods and Co-op programs are just some of the other program types the EZZ system can accommodate.
  • Item Master listing for accurate tracking.
  • Fully integrated E-Commerce Solution


  • Item Usage Reports: listed by individual quarters with a YTD summary. Run Fulfillment reports by date, in process, sold YTD and sold LYR.
  • Program Open Order report: By program and Item., programs by customer, backorder report and back order report by program.
  • Program Item Distribution reports: many field combinations.
  • Inventory Sale Audit: by program.
  • Inventory Purchase Audit.
  • Daily Shipping/Receiving log: by program.
  • Average Cost Analysis for Inventory Items: by program.
  • Physical Inventory Audit and Reconciliation.
  • Inventory Management Report: by program and item.
  • Inventory Valuation Report: by cost or sell price.
  • Inventory Pricing Evaluation Report: by program and item: by program and item.
  • Fulfillment/ Inventory Stock Status Report.
  • Valuation of Customer Owned Inventory Report: by program and item number with QOH, unit cost and extended cost.