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General Ledger

The easy-to-use G/L is fully integrated & offers a full array of basic functionality.





  • Account Maintenance is used to add and maintain accounts in the General ledger account file. Enter an account number, description and assign an account type.
  • Account Inquiry provides access to current year and detailed transaction information for any G/L account. This includes by period: debits, credits, and beginning and ending balances for a particular G/L account. View account transactions processed by source journal in account detail. This information by transaction includes: period, date, journal, batch number, register, source and amount.
  • General Journal Entry is used to make journal entries to the G/L. Use this program to load beginning balance, make adjustment to the G/L and to post miscellaneous entries that have not been processed automatically by EZZ. After processing journal entries the General Journal must be run, verified and updated before the JE'sare reflected in account balances.
  • Chart of Accounts provides you with a listing of all G/L accounts on file.
  • Trial Balance provides a summarized listing of all account activity for the current accounting period. Included are the beginning balances, summarized activity in the form of a debit or credit balance and an ending balance for each G/L account number/
  • Financial Statements provide two essential reports, the Balance sheet and Income statement. Both financial reports can be printed by period-to-date or year-to-date.
  • General Ledger Detail Report provides a detailed record of all activity within an account for given period(s) or by date range. It includes for each account: a beginning balance, net balance, postings by date, source, batch number, and posting remarks. This report is an invaluable auditing tool to isolate operator errors.