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Customer Inquiry

The Customer inquiry file is the central information center of EZZ. Customer service and salespeople can drill down into accounts and give accurate real time information to your customers and document the conversation within critical areas. Access all vital business information from one screen for any given customer. Critical information is one keystroke away no need to jump from one module to another.



  • Customer Lookup in any required field may be accomplished by user definable unique code you have assigned. Using either alpha, numeric or a combination of either. EZZ also allows for a lookup by zip code, phone number, SIC, ASI or Impact number.
  • Up to four user-defined Group codes may be used to track information such as High-volume Items, Method of Ordering, Lead Source, etc.
  • Displays name, two-line address, city, state and 10-character zip code field and a separate ship to address field.
  • Stores phone/ext. and fax numbers for quick reference for real time faxing from the system not a 3rd party package.
  • Allows for main contact name, A/R and unlimited additional contacts.
  • Displays the salesperson assigned to the account with optional override during order entry or order maintenance up to 3 split commissions.
  • The customer inquiry screen displays a 5 year history of A/R yearly totals. Never purge history.
  • Displays customer start up date. Use template letters and tag to the customer's correspondence file, such as thank you letters and track and document collection letters.
  • The last sale date is clearly visible. Re-order reminder feature may be turned on and can be printed on plain paper to customers automatically. If the customer purchased in the interim time period the system will detect this and not include that customer for an automatic reminder letter.
  • Displays the average payment record, high balance, last payment, days paid YTD and LYR.
  • View current YTD Sales, Open orders and Totals. Displays Price, Cost, G/P and GPM.
  • List user definable credit code and dollar amounts.
  • Customer type code is user definable and may be used in running reports by industry type code for sales purposes.
  • Automatically updates high credit status.
  • Employee Awards Management System provides everything required to track & manage any Point or Time-based program for your clients.

Additional Features

  • 5 available tax code entries for counties, city and state. PST/GST for Canadian companies.
  • Checks A/R balance and automatically indicates credit status at order entry. 
  • Ability to execute real time credit card transactions.
  • EDI information may be set up for a customer.
  • Transact 24hr. Automated customer service.
  • Ship Internationally with our additional NAFTA Module.
  • Set reorder reminders and royalty codes.
  • Ability to auto fax invoices and statements.
  • Record Tax exempt numbers.
  • Set PO requirements for order entry by customer.
  • Ability to use French Verbiage on invoices.
  • Easily purge inactive customer.
  • No need to Re-index the files at all.
  • The average payment record is always displayed.
  • Real time display of current and past sales information with cost and GP dollar amounts. Percentages are also displayed with year to date and previous 5 year dollar history display all on one screen.
  • Use the unlimited multi contact feature for labels and letters.
  • Customer's e-mail address's are easily tracked.

Reports and letters

  • Customer Comparison Report displays by month the number of orders, sales dollars, gross profit in dollars and the percent of GPM for a three year period.
  • Customer list by sales volume, by customer name with YTD net sales dollar total. Gives a percentage of all sales and displays the total number of customers within each group code.
  • Customer master listing report displays each customer's address, phone/fax, contact name, A/R account, terms code, remit code, finance charge selection, order reminder selection and much more.
  • First order thank you letters and collection letters may be set up as templates for easy access.
  • Customer list by sales volume displays total percent by customer group code, state, salesman and type plus sales base giving a total dollar amount.
  • Customer comparison report displays by month the order totals along with dollar value of sales, gross profit and GPM percent.