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Commissions are calculated by percentage of gross profit, gross sales and commission tables. You may also set a minimum percentage the Company retains, an overhead cost base and a minimum sales amount to be eligible for commissions.


  • At order entry a commission transaction is recorded and updates the salespersons file.
  • View 36 months of Booked or Earned commissions with number of orders, cost, price, commissions and GPM.
  • Write commissions checks for advances or draws. Adjust amounts from Commissions in process.
  • Customers are assigned a salesperson at set up. This may be overridden during order entry for up to 3 salespeople.
  • Salespeople may have more than one Sales commission code. The default commission code may be over ridden and another selection can be made.
  • The percent of profit is recorded on the order and in the commission file.
  • In the Salespersons Inquiry Screen all records are updated and adjustments automatically made when changes are made to the order. Display in process commissions and comparison with a six month summary.
  • Salesman security levels.
  • Exclude GP from salesman statements.
  • Commissions reports may be run by in process or earned. Additional reports for booked commissions, invoiced orders and variance reports are available.
  • Salesmen Inquiry displays current number of orders, total sales dollars, commission dollars, percentage of GP and paid amount. This compares to a 2-year history per salesperson.
  • An on-line record of commission balance, commissions in process, last payment in dollars and last payment date.
  • Commission codes with min GP dollar amount for company to retain.


  • Commission statement by salesperson.
  • Salesperson statement printing-management summary.
  • Salesmen commission report.
  • Salesman commission variance report.
  • Booked Commissions from invoiced orders and date range.
  • Booked order report by salesmen.
  • Order Activity report by salesmen.
  • Open order report by salesman.
  • Salesman commission comparison report with six month summary.