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Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is fully integrated into order entry, billing / vouching and our own general ledger. A/R functions equally well for distributors and suppliers. Post cash and credit memos on-line. Use fast cash when posting a large check to several different accounts. All transactions and notes for an individual account remain with the records in history. Monthly reports may be run and filed for your records.


  • View open or history A/R in either A/R inquiry or Customer Inquiry. Drill down into the invoice.
  • Record or view invoice notes that stay with the invoice into history.
  • A/R history's lifetime is governed by the size of your hard-drive not the software.
  • Cash receipts are easily posted and use of the Fast Cash feature to apply one check to several different accounts saves steps.
  • Apply PRE-payment to an order during order entry or in cash receipts application.
  • Tag for automatic interest charges in the customer inquiry set up.
  • Transactions hit the general ledger automatically.
  • Print aging reports by request.
  • View open invoices to compare to the general ledger.

Additional features

  • Order type codes feature to update only freight and tax.
  • Fast Cash CMA's across accounts/ credit memo source , customer.
  • Statement printing - daily periodic rate.


  • Accounts Receivable by Customer.
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report by Program.
  • Customer Prepayment Audit.
  • Aging report - recreation