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Accounts Payable

 Accounts payable is an integrated part of the system. Easy payment selection, aging and cash disbursement reports give you control over your cash flow.



  • Full accounting integration makes applying vendor discounts easy.
  • Project future cash disbursements using any one of four date fields to run reports.
  • Apply a full or partial payment to invoices.
  • Use manual invoice entry for day to day business expenses such as utilities.
  • Make payments by invoice, vendor or due date.
  • List vendor discounts in the vendor note pad. Each time the vendor account is accessed this note pad appears if there is data logged. This feature allows you to keep current on discount information.
  • Track manual checks and retain a record (manual check register) of the invoice paid and discount taken.
  • Access YTD and history either here or in vendor inquiry.
  • Makes automatic entries in to the EZZ general ledger.
  • Vendor inquiry displays all open and history orders for cost comparison.
  • View open or history A/P along with check history.
  • Registers list all vouching and account adjustments.


  • Vendor Master List.
  • Supplier Rebate able Purchases Audit by Purchase Volume.
  • YTD Purchases from Suppliers by Volume.
  • Vendor 1099 report by volume.
  • Vendor Payment History Analysis.
  • Aging report - recreation