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This site has earned the McAfee SECURE rating, certifying credit card security against hackers. Ezz Document E-Mailing

We now support E-Mailing directly from within the Ezz Business Management Software!

E-Mailing within Ezz functions very similarly to FAX-ing within Ezz. In fact, most places that you can FAX from, you can now also E-Mail, including:
  • Order Form Parts
  • Invoices
  • Duplicate Invoices
  • A/R Statements
  • Memos
By default, your E-Mailed Ezz documents will very closely match your existing printed or FAXed forms. However, since these forms are HTML-based it is possible to customize them with layout changes, images, and use of various fonts to match any appearance you'd like to create.
Click here to view examples of the default E-Mail documents.

If you'd like to have us modify your E-Mail forms, please contact Support or Anita Mason.

System Requirements
  • RedHat Linux O/S installed on your server. (Some SCO Unix systems are also eligible.)
  • Ezz Business Management Software v8.10
  • Internet access from the server. (broadband preferred, but not required.)
  • At least one valid E-Mail account with any E-Mail provider offering SMTP-based email. (ie. Web-based email accounts do not qualify.)
Linux Server Requirements
  • Public IP Address (Assigned by your ISP)
  • Telnet or SSH access
  • Port 4441 must be open for TCP traffic and (if necessary) redirected to the Linux Server
  • Private IP Address, Gateway, and DNS Servers
SMTP Server Requirements
  • Server Domain Name or IP Address
  • Linux Server Domain Name
  • Time Zone and Daylight Savings Time information
  • Default Sender Name and Email Address (used only if no User-level information is setup)
  • Login ID and Password (Only if SMTP Authentication is required by your E-Mail provider)
  • Default Recipient Email
  • BCC Recipient (This person silently receives a copy of all emails sent from Ezz, and may be used for archiving purposes.)