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The v12.4 Release is here......

We are excited to announce our new v12.4 release.

This latest version of the CohesIS2000 Enterprise Commerce Suite includes a multitude of new features and improved functionality.

Here are a few highlights:
  • Expanded CSS class production. (Designed to support new STL with simplified templates and expanded use of CSS, but existing sites are not affected.)  
  • ECP.CSS is now broken out of EDGE_WEB and part of the STL. Can be overridden like any other page with removal of the PUBLISHER-GENERATED-TEMPLATE tag.  
  • EDGE_WEB now verifies the components of it’s own installation, and downloads from our ftp server as necessary. (For any components not required to invoke EDGE_WEB itself.) 
  • Internal test suite has been expanded to nearly 400 self-diag tests.
  • New SmarTag FFFFF1 permits the programmatic auto-generation of blended colors. Useful when mixing ECP colors with others…such as darkening or lightening a header color for example.  
  • The Force_800x600 mode in the ECP has been deprecated. Height/Width can be controlled via CSS in ECP.CSS on the Div.PgFrame selector.  
  • There is a mode to trap/log ASP errors encountered by users at the sites. Implementation requires a manual setting of the “Custom Errors” page for Error 500.100 in IIS. In addition to providing insight into user errors, this is also helpful for debugging.  
  • Support for SSO via SAML & encrypted SAML…both v1.1 and v2.0 are now built-into EDGE_WEB. All requisite cryptography tools are fully-integrated and seamless. The only required step to implement is to receive a public Key from your client in an X509 cert, and place it in the proper location. IF you have application for a SAML SSO, let me know and I’ll give you a quick overview.  
  • Support for Ariba/cXML Payment remittance advice document is built-in. At present, it simply emails the Cat admin with the Payer’s name & address, the name of the originating bank, the transaction Id, and a list of Invoice #’s and amounts being paid. In the future, this info will be mapped directly onto the Invoice Notepads of each of the invoices being paid.  
  • Color x Size grids now correctly support CPC qty/price breaks & Min purchase qtys.  
  • PGP cryptography support is now built-into the system (along with X509 certs) for custom integrations which require it. Data may be either transmitted or received using PGP or derivatives such as GPG.  
  • Online credit card processing is included. The tool supports over 80 online gateways, and we are in the process of certification with AUTHORIZE.NET.  
  • A variety of Event notification emails to the Prog Admin have been added, providing advance notification on Blacklisting, setup problems, etc.  
  • File upload functionality has been re-implemented using a more efficient framework. The performance improvement is most noticeable on larger files.  
  • All existing ftp-related tools have been converted to support both ftps and sftp as well as ftp. The secure tools require a public key from your client. All integration tools are bi-directional, supporting download & upload of data.  
  • Support added for UNICODE files as well as ANSI.  
  • Monitoring of inbound email boxes has been enhanced to support multiple POP3 mailboxes. Mailboxes are checked at 15-minute intervals. Bounce analysis for rejected email has been added, and updates the database seamlessly.   
To read more about the v12.4 release, visit our Online Manual.