Product Details - The Life and Legacy of John L. Grove
The Life and Legacy of John L. Grove

The Life and Legacy of John L. Grove
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A new book titled, The Life and Legacy of John L. Grove, by Gerry Lute tells the story of the aerial work platform and crane pioneer who founded two major equipment companies that became giants in the construction industry: Grove, founded in 1947 and now a division of the Manitowoc Crane Group and JLG Industries, Inc. founded in 1969. The 219-page book presents 290 photographs in its eleven chapters and contains timelines for the history of Grove Worldwide and JLG Industries. It pr ovides insight to Grove's business and personal life against the backdrop of the second half of the 20th century. A hard back book with a paper sleeve.

It is a great book for those who want to learn about entrepreneurship, business, leadership, growth industries and the American Dream. Philanthropic contributions by Grove and his wife, Cora, are highlighted and a summary written by business consultant, Marian Witherow, is included.

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