Expense orders must be placed through Coupa.

How to Order from Advertising with WIT (800) 966-9331

EXPENSE products must be ordered through Coupa

RESALE products can be ordered online, by phone, or by email.

How to order online at adwitWFM.com

You do not need a login or password to browse or add items to your shopping cart.

  1. Place the items you want in the shopping cart. You'll see the shopping cart at the bottom of the page with your items listed.
  2. To check out, click GO TO CHECKOUT in the shopping cart, or click CART CHECKOUT at the top of the web page.
  3. In the next screen, click either RESALE ITEMS or EXPENSE ITEMS for the order type. Please note: all resale orders and all orders shipped to the Whole Body dept are a minimum of $100. You will then see the login page.
  4. Login is by store, not by person. Select your store name from the list, then type your store password (you'll see a password hint). Click the NEXT button to proceed to the checkout page.
  5. The checkout page: There are five required entries - the items in red. You cannot submit the order if you don't fill these in. When you've completed the checkout page, click the NEXT button at the bottom to submit the order.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email almost immediately (if you filled in YOUR email address in the checkout page).
  7. You will receive a follow-up confirmation by email or by fax within a day or two after we've reviewed the order. Some of the items on your order may be moved to a second order. If we do this, you will receive a follow-up confirmation for both orders.
  8. Please review the follow-up order confirmation(s) for accuracy and call or email us if there are any errors.
  9. Your store will be charged shipping for most items, but the shipping charges won't be on the order confirmation. This is because your store is usually charged actual shipping costs based on weight, and we haven't weighed the goods yet when we send you the order confirmation.


Before you order

Don't see what you want?

This web site does not have every item we can get, just the most common items that we inventory. There are many thousands of items that we can get for you with your logo that are not on this site. To see more item catalogs, go here. Or, call or email us and we'll research it for you. These items typically add 1-4 working days to your order.

We love custom orders.

We can put your store name, team name, and/or event name on almost anything. Call us for a quote.

Non-apparel items:
Most non-apparel items have a minimum quantity and a printing/setup charge. Call us for info.

Apparel, embroidery:
There is a six-piece minimum for most custom embroidery work. The total charge for embroidery depends on the number of stitches in the design. In addition, there may be a design charge to create the embroidery files. We can give you a very close estimate of all charges before we begin the work.

Please triple-check the spelling of any names you give us for custom embroidery. We cannot accept returns for items with misspelled names if it is not our mistake.

If you need a design for your embroidery, you can save money by using our embroidery library. Most embroidery files in this library have little or no design charge. Search here for embroidery designs.

Apparel, Screen Printing:
For screen printing, the minimum is 12 shirts. However, it is most cost effective when your quantity is at least 24-48 shirts (24 shirts with a one-color print, 48+ shirts with two or more print colors). Screen printing costs include a print charge per shirt and a setup charge for each print color. You can save money by creating artwork with fewer colors. We can quote you the total cost over the phone or by email. We need to know how many shirts you want and how many colors are in your design.

Be sure of the quantities you need for each size when you submit your order. It is expensive to screen print one or two shirts later to add to an order.

When will I get my stuff?
In-stock items usually ship the next business day. Made-to-order items show a "Time to Make" on the web page. Time to Make is an estimated number of business days for production. It may take us longer than this estimate. Add shipping time to figure about when you'll receive your items. For example, you order an item that shows 3 days time to make, and shipping is 3 days. That means you'll receive your items in about 6 business days. In this example, if you order the items on a Tuesday, you'll get your items around the following week on Wednesday.

Shipping time: you will see a map that shows shipping time on the order checkout page. For items shipped from our warehouse in Wisconsin: East coast, and southern states, 3 business days; West coast, 4 business days; Midwest, 1-2 business days.

Event deadlines
If you're ordering for an event on a specific date, please type this date on the order checkout page. We will make sure the items arrive on or before your event date. Your items will arrive by the end of the day that you specify (5pm or so) or whenever UPS delivers to your store. If you need the items earlier in the day, specify the previous day as your event deadline.


After you order

Shipping charges

  1. Shipping is added to your order for all non-UPC coded items. Shipping is usually added at our cost. Our UPS rates are heavily discounted from retail rates, so this is an excellent deal for your store. We do charge a small per-box handling charge.
  2. Items with UPC numbers assigned usually DO include US domestic ground shipping in the price when your total order is over $100. When shipping is included, you will see this noted on the web page for this item. You will see this on your invoice as a shipping charge credit.


  1. Resale orders have the invoice and packing slip in a plastic pouch on the outside of the box. Please forward the invoice appropriately for payment processing.
  2. Expense orders have just the packing slip in the pouch - the invoice is emailed to corporate for processing.
  3. Shipping charges are on the invoice.

Combined item pricing.

Many items have quantity discounts. When you buy similar items, the quantities are added together to figure your quantity discount. For example, when ordering shirts with the same embroidered logo, get the 24 piece price on each shirt by ordering 6 medium, 12 large, and 6 XL. The shopping cart will automatically calculate your combined item pricing for you.

Return and Exchanges

If we've made a mistake or you've received defective merchandise, call us to expedite a return or exchange.

Items that appear on this web site without further customization, other than store-specific items, are usually returnable in new condition. Please call or email us to make arrangements for a return.

Special order items and customized items are normally not returnable, as these items are not resalable. Special order items are those that are not on this web site, such as items on the catalog web sites. Customized items have your store name/team name/team member name. When you order custom items, please be sure that you've ordered the right size and color, and that spelling and wording are correct.

Seeing your order history
(Please note that order searches only show web orders, not IRMA, phone or email orders.)

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the category links on the left and click LOG IN
  2. You'll see the Site Login page**. Click the link for the type of orders you want to view: either resale items or expense items.
  3. Click on your store name, type your password, then click the Next button.
  5. You'll see the Open Order Listing page. You can search here for open orders (not shipped or invoiced).
  6. To search for orders that are shipped and invoiced, click the ORDER HISTORY link. Type your search criteria, then click the NEXT button.
** If you don't see the Site Login page, it means you're already logged in. Proceed to step 5.

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