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  Southwest Whole Body
Resale items have been approved for the Southwest region.
Organic Tote Bag<br>Small Grocery/Book Bag size
Organic Tote Bag
Small Grocery/Book Bag size

BTBBOC1C  -  $4.99

Non-Woven #5 Grocery Tote with WFM LOGO<br>7 colors
Non-Woven #5 Grocery Tote with WFM LOGO
7 colors

BTBTBL  -  $2.00

Organic cotton grocery tote. WFM logo.
Organic cotton grocery tote. WFM logo.
BTOCBSNAF  -  $8.24

Water Bottle 36 oz<br>7 colors
Water Bottle 36 oz
7 colors

DWTRIT36B  -  $4.85

Jute/Organic Cotton Totes<br>Custom 1 Color Print<br>6 colors
Jute/Organic Cotton Totes
Custom 1 Color Print
6 colors

BTJOCTBL  -  $8.39

Canvas Grocery Totes<br>Custom 1-Color Print<br>4 colors
Canvas Grocery Totes
Custom 1-Color Print
4 colors

BTCV1CP  -  $8.66

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